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Garden Club of Ohio, Inc. supports endeavors in every aspect of gardening through educational programs, horticulture and floriculture. We will show by means of example a responsible stewardship of our land.

94th Annual GCO Convention April 26-28, 2022

 A celebration of Ohio’s rich diversity of flora, fauna, and natural beauty. Hosted by Columbus District April 26 – 28, 2022 We look forward to seeing you in April!  So many fun and exciting things are planned for you:  wonderful speakers, fun and interesting workshops, a wildflower walk, and a Flower Show!  Learn about all these activities in the documents below. Early arrivals are invited to participate in Team Trivia at 2:00pm on Tuesday, April 26, where one’s knowledge of Ohio’s [...]

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Ohio’s Perennial Bloom Award 2021

The Garden Club of Ohio is pleased to announce this year's Perennial Bloom Award....... Mary Kay Covington! When you hear the name Mary Kay Covington, the word “delightful” comes to mind.  She has a beautiful smile and a twinkle in her eye, and you can’t help being happy when she’s around. Mary Kay, a resident of Shaker Heights, OH, has been a member of West Shore Arrangers since 1976—45 years! She is also a Master Flower Show Judge and she’s been [...]

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GCO Awards 2021

GCO Awards information is posted here:  GCO Awards - Garden Club of Ohio A couple of notable changes:  there is a category added for a club Facebook page, and the High School essay deadline is December 5. We encourage all clubs to apply for awards! Monetary Awards               First Place   $35  Second Place  $20 Third Place $10 Award #401 Garden Club of the Year                             $200 Photography:  Only the First-Place winner will receive $25. Contact Cleo Lehman with any questions.

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GCO Scholarships

It's time  to apply for GCO scholarships! Students must be Ohio residents, and studying horticulture or environmental studies.  Please get the word out to friends and family! See details and application here: Scholarships - Garden Club of Ohio Contact GCO Scholarship chair Aggie Goss for more information at 440-526-6313 or aggiegoss@yahoo.com

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