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Garden Club of Ohio, Inc. supports endeavors in every aspect of gardening through educational programs, horticulture and floriculture. We will show by means of example a responsible stewardship of our land.

GCO Awards 2021

GCO Awards information is posted here:  GCO Awards - Garden Club of Ohio A couple of notable changes:  there is a category added for a club Facebook page, and the High School essay deadline is December 5. We encourage all clubs to apply for awards! Monetary Awards               First Place   $35  Second Place  $20 Third Place $10 Award #401 Garden Club of the Year                             $200 Photography:  Only the First-Place winner will receive $25. Contact Cleo Lehman with any questions.

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GCO Scholarships

It's time  to apply for GCO scholarships! Students must be Ohio residents, and studying horticulture or environmental studies.  Please get the word out to friends and family! See details and application here: Scholarships - Garden Club of Ohio Contact GCO Scholarship chair Aggie Goss for more information at 440-526-6313 or aggiegoss@yahoo.com

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Tri-Refresher October 29 & 30, 2021

Ohio’s Tri-Refresher will be held on October 29 & 30, 2021 via Zoom. We will learn about some Insects and how to  identify and  balance what nature sends you, how to put together great planters for fall/winter displays, how principals of Landscape Design should influence your planning and what to do about hardscape. The Field Trip is to Washington State and a virtual tour of the Perennial beds in Bellevue Gardens and their design plus so much more. It is open [...]

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Seeds of Friendship Summer 2021 report

Another year of the COVID Pandemic and few meetings, however, so many clubs still remembered Seeds of Friendship and the people of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.  Your faithful support of this state wide project to save the African mountain gorillas by helping the people living there is very impressive. We received 1,936 pkgs. of 8 kinds of seeds and 2 boxes of Zinnia seeds; 104 pair of garden gloves.  All of the clubs that sent checks including [...]

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Flower Show School II October 2021

Course II Date:  Oct 11-14, 2021 Location:  Faith Lutheran Church, 8265 Winton Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45231 Design Topics: Table and Petite Designs Horticulture Topics: Conifers and Chrysanthemums Full Registration (with exam)    $125.00 Full Registration (no exam)        $120.00 One Day only                               $75.00 Judges Fee                                      $60.00 Tuesday Lunch                            $15.00 Wednesday Lunch                       $15.00 Registration Deadline September 30, 2021 Click here to download registration form and details: Flower Show School Course II Oct 2021

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