Handbook for Flower ShowsThe first interactive PDF version of the Handbook for Flower Shows, 2017 Edition, is available from NGC Member Services for $25. https://www.gardenclub.org/store/handbook-flower-shows-2017-edition
It can be used on computers and mobile devices.  This format has the following features:
  • The Handbook will automatically open on a computer with the interactive Table of Contents in the left margin.
  • A linked Table of Contents brings viewers to specific pages within the manual.
  • Additional links, which are displayed in blue text, have been included within the text that will navigate to the referenced information in another part of the manual or to the mentioned website.
  • When clicking on a link that brings you to another page in the manual, select the Alt key, plus the left arrow key, to go back to the previous view.
  • Any word within the entire Handbook can be searched by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top tool bar, and typing the word or phrase into the box that will appear.
  • Security has been set which prevent the following:
                        • Copying Text, images, etc.
                        • Editing Text, images, etc.