Environmental, Gardening and Landscape Design Schools News

Judy Newman, Barbara Hadsell, Greg Pokorski National Chairman 2019-2021

The new Handbook for Environmental, Gardening, and Landscape Design Schools was posted to the NGC website (on each school web page) in April.  It replaces the three separate handbooks for these three schools.  A separate forms unit is posted with each school web page to help make your use of forms easier. Please go to the website (gardenclub.org) and find these two postings. This is effective for all three schools now.

NO PRINT COPY OF THE HANDBOOK IS AVAILABLE.  Download it to your computer (it is free). You will be able to select the section you are interested in and print just what you need. Or access the information online.

State Chairmen of the three schools are to begin using the forms now. Download and save the blank fillable forms on your computer.  Then fill them out as needed, renaming them for each separate course, save them and send them (email) to appropriate NGC Chairmen (as listed on the forms and in the Handbook).

Listings of school courses and refreshers that were previously available in The National Gardener will now be found in Keeping in Touch (in addition to being posted on the website).


schools-handbook-january-2021-revision_1.pdf (gardenclub.org)