Dorothy Lange

Dorothy Lang was “Designer Extraordinaire” and is well known by several people in this room–however, she is not known by most people in the Garden Club of Ohio..
She was born in 1908 and passed away at 97 years old in 2005. She was always involved with a garden club–but following her husband’s death in 1959 she attended Flower Show School to become a judge and continued taking classes to become a National Garden Club Design Instructor.
She taught design to many interested groups in the Cleveland area as well as Flower Show Schools and Symposiums for NGC.
Dorothy joined West Shore Arrangers in 1976. After her death in 2005 West Shore Arrangers wanted to honor her with “The Best of the Best Dorothy Lang Award” to be given at GCO Convention Flower Shows. Our records show the 1st award was given in 2007.
It is only logical that the Design Excellence Winner be presented “The Best of the Best Dorothy Lang Award”.

Dorothy Kountz

Dorothy Kountz joined the East Liverpool -Calcutta Garden Club in East Liverpool, Ohio in 1947, three years after the club was established. She was an active member until 1977. Dorothy was born an only child to Mr. and Mrs. George Shepp. Dorothy’s father was one of the largest dahlia growers and showers in the state of Ohio and was chairman of the Northeastern Region Dahlia Society show that was held the third weekend in September in the city of East Liverpool. For many years during and after World War II people did not have money so dahlia growing and showing was an inexpensive way for a family to socialize without spending money. The regional dahlia show was held in the Memorial Auditorium and people came from all over the United States to enter their prize-winning dahlias. At one time, there were more than 15,000 entries. This is where Dorothy came in. Being an active member of the East Liverpool garden club, she coaxed the ladies to become clerks and judges at the show that her father was the chairman of for many years. Incidentally, the East Liverpool Dahlia Show at this writing is now on its’ 83rd year of showing.
Dorothy was a petite woman of 100 lbs. She was always seen in a dress with her hair tied back in a tight bun on the top of her head. Most people did not notice the way she dressed due to her unique, high pitched, squeaky voice. She always had a big Cadillac in her garage, but seldom was the person to drive anywhere.
Dorothy married Edwin Kountz on Oct. 17, __ . The couple had no children. Edward passed away in the early 1950’s (suicide, by shotgun wound). For eight years after that, Dorothy was not active in the East Liverpool Garden Club or even listed in the directory. She did continue to assist her father with the annual Dahlia Show.