NGC Membership Mondays

LEARN, GROW, CONNECT, SERVE, TOGETHER MEMBERSHIP MONDAYS OCTOBER & NOVEMBER ZOOM PROGRAMS NGC Grants Programs Did you know that NGC offers six types of grants to help your club succeed in community projects? Join us October 10 and November 8 as we explore each grant. These workshops will teach you how and when you can apply, and how to make your grant application shine. We'll also share success stories from clubs across the Americas who have put these grants to good [...]

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Holiday Shows 2022

Sylvia Meiring Sylvia Meiring of Toledo plans a show with lots of illuminated designs for our Holiday Shows: Wednesday, November 9 in Columbus for the south and Thursday, November 10 in Cleveland District for the north. Her show titled “Up-Purposed Holidays” will honor GCO President Marlene Hatton’s theme of “Time for A Cool Change,” which encourages us to avoid plastics, and to reuse and recycle whenever possible. Every design will have something recycled, or "something you couldn’t bear to throw away” [...]

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4-H School Gardening Seminar October 28, 2022

2022 4-H School Garden Conference  Celebrate Community through Gardening at the Eighth School Garden Conference! COLUMBUS-The eighth 4-H school garden conference will take place Friday, October 28th from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Nationwide and Ohio Farm Bureau 4-H Center on the OSU Campus. The theme this year is Cultivating Common Ground. School gardens are a way to bring a community together through shared experiences of planting, harvesting, cooking and more. Learn about the diversity that a garden has [...]

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Invasive Jumping Worms

REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE WITH INVASIVE WORM STUDY My name is Cynthia Yoder. I was hoping you could forward this email along to your group mailing list and anyone else you think may be interested. I will be sending this to other clubs and school systems as well. I am a graduate student at the University of Akron studying jumping worm species (Amynthas spp.) and their effects on garden plants and other worm species. I'm also working on ways to reach out [...]

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Seeds of Friendship 2022

SEEDS OF FRIENDSHIP REPORT SEPTEMBER 2022 by Karen Hovey Another year of the Covid Pandemic and we’re doing okay.  Clubs are meeting again and remembered the Seeds of Friendship Project for the people of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.   Your support of this state wide project to save the African mountain gorillas by helping the people living there is very impressive.  Thank you so much. Garden Clubs donated 1,476 packages of seed plus $254.06 cash, which covered $232.65 [...]

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