Ohio Judges Council News 2023

Symposium October 2023 report:

The Ohio Judges Council welcomed garden club members and nationally accredited flower show judges to the beautiful Kingwood Garden Center in Mansfield, Ohio to its 2023 Symposium.  We recognized Winnie Garabis, OJC President, National Garden Club President, Brenda Moore, who attended and took the exam and former GCO President, Marlene Hatton.  Additional Garden Club of Ohio Past Presidents in attendance included Mary Lou Smith, Deanna Stearns,  Betty Cookendorfer (also CAR-SGC Director), Shirley Basista, and Linda Holzheimer.  Fifty people participated on Tuesday, October 3; 60 on Wednesday, October 4; 14 from out-of-state including California, Maryland, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Texas, West Virginia; and one from Ontario, Canada.

Our renowned Horticulture Instructor, Darlene Newell, gave a riveting PowerPoint presentation on  “Vertical Gardening” as her Allied Topic.  Darlene shared some of her extensive horticultural knowledge with us about Succulent and Cucurbita.  One of her handouts was an alphabetical list of “Winter Dormant and Summer Dormant Succulents and Others”–a helpful reference tool for our future judging assignments. She thanked Cleo Lehman for providing a vast array of specimens for us to examine and guided the instruction of practice point scoring Tuesday afternoon.

On Wednesday morning, renowned and legendary designer Julia Clevett provided instruction for “Evaluating a Flower Show”.  Her stunning designs as well as her helpful comparison chart (“Is It This or That”) teaching tool provided an excellent standard to evaluate the characteristics/differences between Traditional, Creative, and Abstract Designs.  Julia had those who were taking the point scoring exam move to/stand before each exhibit as she gave explicit critiques and asked probing questions in regard to every aspect of the judging considerations (an excellent review of the current Handbook, 2nd Edition, revised July 2023,  pp. 10 6 – 109;  “What judges look for–Design”).   Julia and the committee graciously thanked those who made the classroom and exam room designs.

We gratefully acknowledge those who helped with and played a vital role in the success of the Symposium:  Winnie Garabis, Marlene Hatton, Celine Hallier, Barbara Schuh, Joann Predina, Cleo Lehman,  Jo’C Walker, Jean Gilbert, and Joyce Roth.
Submitted by Pat Kuczak

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Symposium October 2023

Designs by Julia Clevett

Photographs provided by Deborah Wyght.  Please note: We were given permission to use photographs of the designs for our GCO/OJC website, but they remain the property of the designer and should not be reproduced, copied, or shared.

The Ohio Judges Council was formed in April, 1953 with E.R. Joshua as the first President.  The membership is made up of approximately 109 Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judges and this educational organization maintains standards and interprets the requirements for Flower Show Judges as set forth by National Garden Clubs, Inc., thereby promoting good ethics in judging.  The council will assist garden clubs when requested by giving information necessary for the promotion of better flower shows.  Two regular meetings and a Symposium are sponsored yearly in order to promote continuing advanced educational study of growing and showing horticulture, the art of designing with plant material and flower show procedure.  OJC sponsors a flower show annually.  The Council upholds and promotes the mission of National Garden Clubs, Inc. and Garden Club of Ohio, Inc.