Ohio Judges Council News

Congratulations to the 2024 Ohio Judges’ Council officers!

From Left:  Joann Predina, 1st Vice President; Nancy Quinn Simon, 2nd Vice President; Pat Rupiper, Recording Secretary; Marilee Zarbock, President;  Carol Johnson, Corresponding Secretary;  Deborah Wyght, Treasurer; and Debbie Schuckert, North Region Chair.

Link to one page doc:  Officers, board, and meeting dates:

OJC board and dates 2024

OJC Executive Board, 2024-2025
OJC Elected Officers
Marilee Zarbock
First Vice President
Joann Predina
Second Vice President
Nancy Quinn Simon
Recording Secretary
Pat Rupiper
Corresponding Secretary
Carol Johnson
Deborah Wyght
Region Chairs
Debbie Schuckert
Deborah Wyght
Committee Chairs
Advisor/Bylaws and Policy
Winnie Garabis
Jane Bodnar
Nancy Quinn Simon
Newsletter Editor
Bert Nero
Betty Cookendorfer
Joann Predina
Publicity/GCO Website
Margaret DeWolf
GCO State Chairs
GCO President
Kathy Wagner
OJC Symposium
Marlene Hatton
Flower Show Awards
Celine Hallier
Judges Credentials
Barbara Schuh
Flower Show School
Not Filled
The Ohio Judges Council was formed in April, 1953 with E.R. Joshua as the first President.  The membership is made up of over 50 Nationally Accredited Flower Show Judges and this educational organization maintains standards and interprets the requirements for Flower Show Judges as set forth by National Garden Clubs, Inc., thereby promoting good ethics in judging.  The council will assist garden clubs when requested by giving information necessary for the promotion of better flower shows. Two meetings are held annually and Symposium is held approximately every 18 months in order to promote continuing advanced educational study of growing and showing horticulture, the art of designing with plant material and flower show procedure.  OJC sponsors a flower show annually.  The Council upholds and promotes the mission of National Garden Clubs, Inc. and Garden Club of Ohio, Inc.
Meetings – All Begin at 10:00 am except Symposium
3/8/24 ZOOM
OJC Board Meeting
4/26/24 WHCC
OJC General Meeting
9/6/24 ZOOM
OJC Board Meeting
11/1/24 WHCC
OJC General Meeting
3/7/25 ZOOM
OJC Board Meeting
4/25/25 WHCC
OJC General Meeting
4/29-30/25 Kingwood
9/26/25 ZOOM
OJC Board Meeting
11/7/25 WHCC
OJC General Meeting
South Region
Spring General Meetings
North Region
Fall General Meetings