Donations from Garden Club of Ohio, Inc. members to The Nature Conservancy of Ohio helps protect nearly 65,000 acres of Ohio’s lakes, forests, winding rivers and rolling hills. Nature Conservancy is building on that legacy and bringing people together to help solve today’s biggest conservation challenges from climate change and habitat loss to protecting clean water.

Please use Donation to The Nature Conservancy of Ohio Campaign 2023-2024 form here: GCO – Nature Conservancy Donation Form 2024 and send your check payable to Garden Club of Ohio, Inc.

If you wish the donation to be made In Honor or In Memory of someone special, please indicate such on the form. You also have the option to direct your donation to a specific area of The Nature Conservancy of Ohio. See to view the different sites found in Ohio.

Your continued donations to this wonderful nonprofit organization, The Nature Conservancy of Ohio, will help meet their conservation challenges for generations to come.

Thank you,

Dotty Haney

GCO Nature Conservancy Chairman


Celebrating 60 years in Ohio protecting pockets of biodiversity to addressing humanity’s greatest challenges, we owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to people like Ralph Ramey and Dr. Lucy Braun and dozens of other founding fathers and mothers.

In September 1950 Ralph Ramey was attending the meeting of the Ecologist’s Union at the Ohio State University when he witnessed firsthand the vote to reorganize and create a new organization called The Nature Conservancy.

For many years Dr. Lucy Braun studied the unusual mixture of forests and prairies along the Edge of Appalachia. By 1959, she convinced Cincinnati garden clubs to donate funds to a young The Nature Conservancy and in doing so the organization purchased it’s first property in Ohio – a 42-acre tract called the Lynx Prairie, today that tract has grown into the more than 20,000 acre Edge of Appalachia Preserve.

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Northwest Ohio – Western Lake Erie Basin
Great Egret Marsh Preserve – open preserve
Kitty Todd Preserve – open preserve

Northeast Ohio – Central Lake Erie Wetlands
Brown’s Lake Bog Preserve – open preserve
Herrick Fen Preserve – open preserve
Morgan Swamp Preserve – open preserve
Beck Fen Preserve
Flatiron Lake Bog Preserve
Lucia S. Nash Preserve
Stillfork Swamp Preserve

Central and Southern Ohio – Upper Ohio River and Tributaries
Big Darby Headwaters Nature Preserve – open preserve
Darby Creek Watershed
Ohio River

Southern Ohio – Appalachian Foothill Forests
Edge of Appalachian Preserve – open preserve
Sunshine Corridor Project
Baker Swamp Preserve
Glad Wetland Preserve

Visit one of the Conservancy’s Open Preserves in Ohio!