Pat Rupiper, Chair
The first meeting of the combined councils – Environmental, Gardening and Landscape Design was held at the 2019 GCO Convention.  The former councils are now dissolved.  The purpose of combining the councils is to be courteous of members’ time.  There will now be two meetings a year.  Much of the subject matter overlaps between the schools.
The objectives of the OTCC are to protect the environment, to increase knowledge in horticulture and to promote interest in landscape design.  The OTCC will strive to advance the study of the earth, gardening, and landscape design by encouraging and promoting attendance at Environmental, Gardening and Landscape Design Schools of the National Garden Club, Inc. (NGC).
If you are an accredited consultant, we invite you to join our organized association of the three schools consultants (environmental, gardening and landscape design).
Annual Dues are $15.00 to be sent to OTCC Treasurer Pat Kuczak.