What is a Symposium? 

Have you ever wondered what the judges are looking for in your flower show, what should be included, staging ideas and tips on producing an award-winning show? This is your chance to sit in and learn alongside the judges!

Symposiums are open to everyone!

A symposium is a series of lectures used as continuing education for Flower Show Judges.  These lectures are an in-depth study of both horticulture and design as well as refreshers on judging principles taught by NGC Instructors.

This year’s horticulture topics are squashes, gourds and succulents. It includes a talk on vertical gardening.

The design day is especially valuable for novice and new designers. Julia Clevett’s topic describes the differences among traditional, creative and abstract designs. She also reminds judges how to evaluate a flower show.

Please join us at beautiful Kingwood Gardens October 3-4, 2023!

For more information:

Contact Jo’C Walker, Symposium Registrar at jocwalker20@gmail.com

Garden Club of Ohio, Inc. & Ohio Judges Council
October 3-4, 2023
Kingwood Gardens Mansfield, OH
Instructors: Darlene Newell, Horticulture. Cucurbita (squashes & gourds) & Succulents, Virtual
Allied Topic, “Vertical Gardening”
Julia Clevett, Design, “Is it This or That – Traditional, Creative, or Abstract?”
Allied Topic, “How Judges Evaluate a Flower Show”

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