Inspiring Gardens Across The Americas

NGC’s current President, Nancy Hargroves, has selected PLANT AMERICA, an initiative on gardens and gardening as her 2017-19 theme. Intended as a call to service for garden club members as well as others, PLANT AMERICA embodies the primary purpose member join a local garden club–to learn about gardening!

To assist state and local clubs to promote this PLANT AMERICA project, grants are available to provide funding.  Please visit the National Garden Club website for additional information or use the following links:

To encourage youth understanding and involvement, a new youth book, “The Saved Seed” has been released to help youngsters understand the life cycle of seed plants.

Also as part of the PLANT AMERICA project, tours are being set up so attendees can experience a variety of gardens across the USA.

In addition, Espoma (manufacturer of Hollytone and other organic products) is contributing to 20 local garden clubs across America to receive up to $250.00 in grants of Espoma organic plant food and potting soils.  There is no deadline and applications are processed on a first-come, first serve basis.    For additional informaton:

We are excited that GCO’s own Betty Cookendorfer is the Chairman of this great program so we are hoping for strong support from GCO clubs.

For more information, contact:
Betty Cookendorfer, Chairman: PLANT AMERICA