“2023 Seeds of Friendship”

Karen Hovey, GCO Chairman

It’s that time of year again when we ask for your participation in the collecting of seeds and money to help the people of Rwanda. Partners in Conservation (PIC) was founded in 1991 at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in response to the genocide of the people of Rwanda.

The Garden Club of Ohio, Inc. is a partner and our committee is called Seeds of Friendship. We have been partners with the Columbus Zoo & Aquarium since 2007 in their ultimate goal to save the rain forest, where the mountain gorillas live, by respectfully helping the animals and the local population.  If people don’t have to use forest resources to care for their families, then the forest will stand and the animals will survive.  There have been several articles in the Garden Greetings over the past two years giving examples of the many ways this project has changed the rainforest, people and increased the number of mountain gorillas.

This year we ask you to again support this program.   I ask the following:

I must receive all seeds no later than 04/1/23.

  1.  The ONLY vegetable & flower seeds that the people want and that grow best in Rwanda are these eight types of seeds:  Bush Green Beans, Green Cabbage, Carrots, Onions, Green Peppers and Tomatoes, plus Cosmos & Zinnia flower seeds.  Also, be sure the seeds are for the 2023 growing season. Please do not send any other kind of seeds.
  2. All cash and checks should be sent or brought to my home by 04/01/23 to allow time to record and send the checks to the GCO Treasurer.  Cash donations will be used to purchase seeds to fill out the sets of eight kinds of seeds.   My contact and mailing information is on Pg. 29 in the Spring, 2023 Garden Greetings. Any club checks or personal donations by check must be made payable to Garden Club of Ohio, Inc.
  3. In order for a club to get credit for any donations, all bags, cash or checks must be marked with the Club name, a contact name and phone number.

Thanks for your generous on-going support of this project!